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“We recognize that each child is unique, created with different talents, and is precious to God.”

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Our Mission & Vision

The Learning Support Group operates under the Weaverland Mennonite School Board. Our desire is to assist God’s children who are struggling in school and to give them basic academic skills for life.

We recognize that each child is unique, created with different talents, and is precious to God.

It is our vision to assist parents and teachers in providing the best academic teaching for each child. This website is provided as a central location of the available services and resources.

Questions can be answered by using the contact info on the contact page.

Board Members

Glenn Burkholder – Chairman

Arlin Fox – Secretary

Terrell Horst – Treasurer

Richard Hoover

Kevin Musser

Wilmer Martin

Jerry Wenger

We Want to Learn

So does the fact that a child is having trouble learning the concepts in school at the same pace as the rest of the class mean they are not trying? 

God created in each one of us the desire to observe and learn. The method in which a person learns will vary. The traditional class room is just one way that works for many children. Others children will find the classroom dificult. This may be from an organic learning dificulty or an emotional state that is carried in from another experience.

Beyond the Books

Some learn by visuals, some learn by auditory explanation, others may learn better by written explanation. One of the principles behind learning support is helping a child develop their desire for knowledge and applying it to the books in school and the situations in life.

Many children with learning challenges will benefit from educational excercises beyond printed text books and chalkboards.

Learning Support Group is a group of people who want to assist teachers and parents who would like resources to aid them in teaching the heart and mind of the children God has placed in their care.

How Can We Help

Our Services

These services are offered on an in-person basis by an instructor from Learning Support Group. When calculating mileage costs, most trips originate from Lancaster area of Pennsylvania.


Student Evaluation


Full Student Evaluation $300
ADHD Test  $100 (part of a full evaluation)
Visual Skills and Visual Perception Skills test $100 (part of a full evaluation)
Differential Screening Test for Processing $100 (part of a full evaluation)
Speech Test $50
Speech Therapy $30 / Session
Preschool Early Intervention $40 / Session
On-site school and teacher assistance $22/hour plus mileage
Mileage rate Current IRS Mileage Rate


Assistance for Schools and Teachers

Rod and Staff math worksheet masters $30/grade
Rod and Staff English worksheet masters $60/grade
Rod and Staff science worksheet masters $60/grade
Rod and Staff history worksheet masters $60
On-site school and teacher assistance $22/hour plus mileage
Mileage rate Current IRS Mileage Rate

Resource Rentals

Visualization and Verbalization curriculum $5/month
Resource books Varied cost/month
Barton’s curriculum $30/level (no cost for Weaverland Schools)
Semple Math kits $30/level (no cost for Weaverland Schools)
Sounds Plus curriculum kits $30/level (no cost for Weaverland Schools)


These costs are set to cover basic administrative expense; however, we don’t want a child to suffer needlessly. Please tell us if financial difficulty prevents you from asking for assistance.


Resource Library

We have collected a library of custom built worksheets to assist students with common curriculum. You can view these files online in the RESOURCE VIEWER page, then use the contact page to request download access. The downloaded files can be printed and copied as need for use in your school only.


How to use the downloadable documents.

  1. Register for a free account.
  2. Go to Resource Viewer or access it on the top menu bar. (available to Logged In users only)
  3. View the available materials. (you will be able to view only, direct download is not enabled)
  4. Use the Contact Form on the Resource Viewer page to request worksheets.

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    “Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God”
    Mark 10:14